Going Green in an Industry of Silver Solutions: When You Go Green, It Looks Good

by | Feb 10, 2016

Going Green in an Industry of Silver Solutions

In many states, it is trendy to recycle.

I went to Portland recently and felt cool when I was given only recyclable bags for my groceries. I also felt cool when I was able to turn away said bags. In a very sly way I would look at the store clerk, shake my head and say, “No sir, I do not need a bag for my t-shirt and Portland keychain. You can keep the bag, and give it to the next person.” That person obviously wouldn’t be as trendy as me.

It was an interesting feeling to be trendy while doing something that was beneficial for the environment. However, I think plenty of times we do trendy things that aren’t actually benefiting anything in particular.

It looks good to go green. 

To the retail store clerk ringing in my Portland Memorabilia, it looked good.

To the random Portlanders watching me carry my t-shirt and key chain, it looked good. And I know that they know I refused a bag and that they think it’s trendy. I also imagined that every Portlander was looking at my t-shirt, then shifting their gaze up to my eyes to give me that half-smile and nod as if saying “We approve.”

Most importantly, to the actual environment, it looks good that I refused that bag. I made an impact, small obviously, but we have to start somewhere.

Not only does it apply to me and you as consumers, but it also applies to us in our trade show display marketing.

While it may seem completely different in the Exhibit Industry, it’s actually not that different. It’s still trendy to go green.

Going green in an industry of silver solutions is VERY trendy right now. With so many of the products being used for today’s exhibits being non-recyclable, green solutions are being sought after like vegan ice cream in a dairy-farming community. Yet, when I think of green solutions, the most beautiful trade show exhibits tend not to come to mind first.

So, I wanted to change your perception (as well as mine) and show you what a couple of green booths look like.

4 Eco-Friendly Trade Show Displays that will knock your socks off:

• 10×10 Hybrid S Backlit Display

This is one of our most popular designs. The arch is unique to Diers Exhibit and creates a distinguished look.

Green Factors Utilized: Eco-Board, Eco-Glass, Regrind plastic, FSC wood

• 10×20 Sustainable Hybrid Booth

This booth is perfect for setting your image apart while including a professional counter area for meetings.

Green Factors Utilized: Paradise tension fabric graphics, LED Energy lights, FSC wood

• 20×20 Sustainable Island 

An exhibit designed to show your brand all 360 degrees around the booth. The hanging banner allows your booth to be spotted from a faraway distance.

Green Factors Utilized: Aluminum extrusion, LED energy lights, Eco-board, FSC wood

• 20×30 Hybrid Sustainable Island

This huge display demands attention but is so elegant in how it does it. The perfect option for those looking to command a large space.

Green Factors Utilized: FSC wood, Eco-board, Eco stains & finishes, Recycled tension fabrics, Green Core, Bamboo, Eco-Glass, LED energy lights

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