5 Ways to Upgrade Your Exhibit

by | Nov 30, 2022

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Exhibit with Diers Exhibits.

With trade shows being in full effect, it seems everyone is trying to catch up from all of the time lost during the pandemic. We know that people are looking for ways to make their exhibits bigger and better and I can’t blame them! It’s always exhilarating to go to the next trade show and see new designs and unique marketing. Now that you’ve seen all the stunning exhibits from this year, are you looking at your exhibit wondering: how can I revamp this without building an entirely new booth? If so, that is why I’m here to talk about 5 ways to upgrade your trade show exhibit.

Video Tile Walls:

Whether your exhibit currently has a monitor or just a wall of graphics, a video tile wall could be the perfect upgrade for you. Adding a video tile wall is an investment, but if you’ve seen one in action you know it is worth the upgrade. With this upgrade, you can bring your exhibit to LIFE. Having the capability to change your video clip at each show means bringing a fresh new booth and message to each show.

Interlocking Flooring:

Flooring is usually one of the last things people think about when it comes to looking at an exhibit as a whole. Flooring often gets beat up and run down pretty quickly in an exhibit which means it is often due for an upgrade before we might realize it. It can be such a vital piece of your exhibit because it can make your display stand out by bringing a pop of color or incorporating a design into it. Flooring can also compliment your trade show exhibit and bring a focal point forward, and invite people in.


Adding a new element to your booth, such as a counter, can make your booth stand out more. While also allowing for better organization for you and your team. Adding a counter or upgrading your current one could also bring a better display option into your booth. 

Print New graphics:

Printing new graphics for your booth can often make it look like you went out and built a new booth. New graphics are a way to revamp your booth without breaking the bank and will give you that new booth feels all over again. 

Booth Space Expansion:

Custom trade show display expansion is such an exciting upgrade! Upgrading your custom trade show booth space doesn’t necessarily mean you have to scrap your old booth and build an entirely new one. You can always ask about ways to incorporate your smaller booth and add an extension. Or, you can add other elements such as counters, tables, furniture, etc.

If you’re wondering how you can upgrade your exhibit for your next show, you can always reach out to our team at Diers Exhibits to get started at:

Mariah@diersexhibitgroup.com or call me at: 720.258.5771

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