7 Ideas for Your Next Trade Show Display

by | Mar 11, 2013

Rossi Rallenkotter, President and CEO of the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority,
announced a $2.5-billion expansion of its tradeshow and convention
facilities. The specifics of the expansion are still in the works, but
Rallenkotter describes the plan to be more ambitious than the plans
preceding it. Rallenkotter goes on to describe three phases that will
strategically focus this project. He has a specific vision for the
project and anticipates it to be the next defining moment for LVCVA.
In the article, Las Vegas Plans Massive New Convention Center, Rallenkotter makes two deliberate statements:

1. “This is more than a project. This is a vision that will launch Las Vegas ahead of the competition for decades to come.”

2. “This is a transformative project. This project will be the next defining moment.”

Two questions you need to ask:

  1. Do you have a vision for your next Trade Show Event that will launch you ahead of the competition for decades to come?
  2. Are you anticipating transformation at your Trade Show Event that will bring you to the next defining moment for your company?

Here are: 7 Ways to Establish Your Company Vision & Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show Event

Between the chaos of budgeting and planning for a major event, it
becomes easy to lose touch with the vision behind the event. It is
essential for your trade show booth to portray your company vision in a
transformative, captivating, and defining way. This will not only
establish you as a popular stop for trade show attendees, but it will
generate sales and leads and help increase your overall ROI (return on

  1. Create a Theme for your Booth—This doesn’t require a
    large budget, but make sure you’re theme represents your company or
    sales pitch. For Example, if your company sells running shoes, you
    could create an outdoor theme that portrays an outdoor running trail,
    staffers could wear running gear and your shoes. Your theme could be
    tied into location. If your company is based in Florida you could
    develop a beach theme.
  2. Use Audio-Video Material—A professionally produced
    video is a great way to capture trade show attendees. It’s a great way
    to visually produce the vision of your company in an engaging and
    informative way. PowerPoint presentations are also an excellent way to
    express a lot of information in an interesting way.
  3. Special Effects to WOW—If your company markets eco-friendly products have a rainforest track running in the background. Also, put a spotlight on the Trade Show Banner Displays you want to bring more attention to.
  4. Scents— Within your vision, incorporating the five
    senses would be beneficial. If your company sells kitchen supplies, bake
    something for trade show attendees to munch on. Brownies not only
    taste delicious, but they smell fabulous too!
  5. Giveaways—It is important to think creatively when
    it comes to giveaways. Continue with your booth theme. If you’re still
    selling running shoes, consider giving away a keychain with a miniature
    version of your shoe brand. I personally love giveaways; I’m always
    leaving the Trade Show with my hands full of fun gadgets to take home
    for my family.
  6. Company Mascot—You could rent a costume or create
    one yourself. Have a staffer wear it or get in touch with a local
    theater and hire someone to play the role of your mascot.
  7. Hire a Spokesperson— Preferably someone who is well
    known in your area of expertise. An athlete who wears your running
    shoes would be a popular spokesperson.

Don’t feel like you need to use all of these marketing ideas.
Utilizing a couple of ideas could transform your Trade Show Booth and make
for a great start. Keep in mind, small steps are still progressive
steps. Transforming your vision from one project to the next requires a
lot of time and energy. Consider making your vision specific to the
event you are planning for. And don’t forget to have fun with it!
Planning for a Trade Show Event can be exhausting, but the outcome is
worth all the hard work you put in. Keep pushing forward and let us
know if you need any help along the way. We are passionate about
helping you accomplish your company vision. Feel free to contact us
with any trade show questions.

Written by Jeff Diers

Owner and Founder of Denver based Diers Exhibit Group

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