Trade Show Update: EXHIBITOR 2013

by | Apr 3, 2013

Exhibitor2013 has come and gone, but our creative thought lingers on.
The show itself was held in Las Vegas and seemed to be a huge hit. The
energy flowing around the show was contagious. People from all over the
world were gathered in one place to experience the thrill of EXHIBITOR
2013. The show floor was packed with attendees day after day walking
around to capture the vision behind EXHIBITOR 2013 and gather new ideas
to take home.

Future customers along with distributors also walked the show floor
to experience new technology and new products in the trade show
industry. There were a variety of new technological products available.
For instance, Optima Graphic’s, a supplier of graphics for trade show
retailers, developed a new product called the InTouch. The InTouch is
essentially a large and intelligent iPad that can store company
information when they have a show. It will also provide future customers
the opportunity to see more of the products and features of the
specific company. There is a video available detailing this products, check it out.

Optima Graphics also had a booth in the show advertising one of my favorite displays: the XpressionsSNAP!
This is a light weight pop-up display that has all the features of a
typical pop-up display without the extra weight and with a few extra

Optima developed the XpressionsSNAP! to be one of the easiest
displays to transport. They have also continued to keep a professional
appearance. This display is an eye-catcher at any event and will turn
heads for clients who have not seen this structure before.

EXHIBITOR 2013 promoted a lot of creative thought here at
DiersExhibitGroup. We are excited to start incorporating some of the
new ideas and technologies in the industry and making them available to
you. If you have a questions concerning new products give us a call and
we would be thrilled to fill you in.

Until we meet again, EXHIBITOR

Written by Jeff Diers

Owner and founder of Diers Exhibit Group

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