4 Powerful P Words for Trade Show Newbies

by | Oct 29, 2014

If you’re new to exhibiting at trade shows. It can be overwhelming.

Trust me, I get it.

I like to remind myself to take it step by step, day by day, and it usually puts things back into perspective. Don’t get ahead of yourself, and don’t try to make every decision at once. Just take things as they come: step by step. If you feel like you’re missing the concept: I recommend pulling up the lyrics to the old Step by Step TV show and belting them out. You might just draw the attention of a crowd, and get people on board – or terrified. Either way will get the job done.

Planning for a trade show is no easy feat, but it doesn’t have to take your stress levels through the roof.

Remind yourself that the biggest decision has already been made: you’re going to start marketing your company at trade shows. And what an exciting decision you have made!


Face-to-face sales is a powerful tool (possibly the MOST powerful) that is used to increase your ROI by educating people on your company, selling your products, and bringing in new clientele. So, release that stress and bring on the anticipation!

It’s time to
dominate your industry using trade show displays.

Powerful Tips for Trade Show Newbies to Get More ROI From Your Trade Show Display

When I have new clients that are preparing to attend their first trade show I recommend starting with the 4 Powerful P’s for trade show newbies:

#1 Pick your show. 

There are thousands and thousands of trade shows held annually in the United States, and millions of people attend these shows.

Where do you see yourself reaching the most people for your specific product? Start by picking the industry or niche you want to exhibit in.

When you know your niche you can target a show specific to your needs.

There are still a lot of shows out there, so make sure to read the show guidelines. Also, do some research on past shows. Find out how many people actually attended last year, and call past exhibitors who can give you an honest opinion of the show. Get your team involved in the research. Get their opinions, and have open discussions about the various shows available.

Take your time in P#1. There is no point in rushing this step.

Pick your show wisely.

#2 Purchase your booth space.

After you have decided on the right show it will be time to purchase your booth space.

I usually recommend that first-time exhibitors start in a 10’x8′ space. Some companies who have exhibited for years never need to venture outside of a 10’x8′ booth space. This space is large enough to give you room to invite attendees in, and it’s not so big that you have too much open space.

If you go too big you risk exponentially exceeding your budget. The bigger the space the more room you will have to fill with trade show displays.

Take it easy your first year exhibiting, and start small.

There is always room to grow.

#3 Plan your marketing approach. 

You want to make an impact on your target audience. How do you want to look?

Do you want to bring product samples to the show, or do you want to print them onto your back wall display?

I usually recommend a stretch fabric display to first-time exhibitors. Our 10ft EZ Tube curved is a top seller on our online store. It’s a simple aluminum frame that weighs around 25lbs. and can travel on the plane to various shows. You start with the display pieces laying down. You clip the aluminum pieces together to build the frame, take the graphic and pull them over the top of the display. The graphic zips at the bottom. Lift the display up, and boom.

You are ready to rock.

You can always contact us for more help with this step. We know a thing or two about trade show displays.

Now, for the most important and critical step of all…

#4 Party with attendees!

Get ready to party.

Trade shows are all about having a good time. Yes, your feet hurt. Yes, you’re tired, but so is everyone else. Attendees are looking for something different to draw them in. The show will be what you make it.

I recommend you create an atmosphere in your booth that is contagious. Be the first company to get the party going!

Attendees don’t want to hang out in a booth where your staff is sitting around on their cell phones. Make it enjoyable. Encourage your team to bring a positive attitude, and to get excited about exhibiting.

Start the party in your booth, and keep the party going throughout the show. I promise you will see a rise in the number of people wanting to learn more about what makes you different.

You have made a great decision to get involved in face-to-face sales. I am convinced that this is the best way to sell. Take your time as you begin this journey, and give yourself some grace. If you find your stress levels start to rise give me a call. We can sing the Step By Step theme song together.

Don’t forget to enjoy the process.

Thanks for reading.

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