3 Best Reasons to Attend a Trade Show

by | Jun 16, 2013

I was sitting at my desk sometime last week, intently studying the
eraser of my yellow pencil when it occurred to me; I want more for Diers
Exhibit Group’s online site. I’m ready to jump into the unknown and
claim new territory. I understand this might sound a little strange. I
did have a mini epiphany while twirling my sharpened led pencil in the
air and daydreaming. The most brilliant people in the world have major
epiphany’s while daydreaming, right? I’ll keep telling myself that. As I
held the pencil between two fingers, shifting its weight up and down,
it dawned on me: a shift is coming for Diers online.

I moved Denver based Diers Exhibit Group online in 2006 without clear
direction for the future. I jumped ship; with my eyes closed, my nose
plugged, anticipating the chill as water engulfed me. I have been on a
journey, swimming in the abyss of an online business. I’ve spent time
treading water and making ends meet. I don’t regret my decision to take
that initial jump. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made for my
company. Working online has given my new and existing customers a
virtual way to understand the complexity and support that make up Diers
Exhibit Group.

Okay, enough babbling, what is this shift I’m talking about and why
are we doing it under water? I am ready to swim deeper and start
building a new product platform for the site. There is a need for 10×10,
10×20, and 20×20 custom hybrid displays. This need goes further than
the trade show display product itself. Clients are looking for a
fabulous custom hybrid display, but what good is a sweet-looking display
without the right support?

There are a number of companies online who can offer you custom
modular hybrid displays, I have done my research. Some of these
companies are selling at crazy low price points, but is cost all you’re
worried about? Maybe that’s something to think about. Online sales in
the trade show industry are soaring high and trade show display systems
are more affordable than ever. It was between mid-twirl and daydream
that I came to this realization: online companies in the trade show
industry are missing the support, experience and knowledge base to back
up their larger systems. So, surprise! Diers Exhibit Group will now be
implementing 10×10, 10×20, and 20×20 custom hybrid displays and Island
displays. Why?

I am confident that Diers
Exhibit Group can provide the knowledge, support, and experience that
you need in a trade show consultant, while building you the perfect
custom display.

I have decided to go deeper and bring
excellence to another sphere of online trade show sales. For those of
you who don’t care where you buy as long as it’s within budget and
covers what the boss wants, I would like to leave you with a challenge.

Why is your company investing in a custom trade show booth? Ponder that for a moment and then read on.

Here are 3 of the worst reasons to buy a trade show display and attend a trade show:

1. We are going because it is our industries show and we feel obligated to go.

2. Our competitors are attending the show and we go to one-up them.

3. We have always gone to this show and just like clockwork, we go every year.

At this phase of our relationship I don’t need to know why your
company decided to invest in a booth space and a trade show display, but
I strongly recommend that you do. A number of companies these days are
attending trade shows for all the wrong reasons. It is important that
you seek out knowledgeable trade show consultants and/or exhibit
companies and resist purchasing a custom display online without any
professional direction. Without the right direction, you will continue
attending shows for the wrong reasons. In turn the presentation of your
company will continue to suffer.

Enough of the negative talk. Here are 3 of the best reasons to buy a trade show booth and attend a trade show:

1. You are looking to generate leads to generate sales for the company.

2. You want to educate or inform clients about existing or new products that you have available.

3. You are looking to intermingle with people in your industry and have face-to-face time in this digital world.

Attend trade shows for these reasons and your company will flourish.
Watch out for ghost companies that you purchase from, but never actually
interact with. Latch onto companies who want to bring inspiration,
support and direction to your trade show preparation.

As you’re preparing for that next show, you can dive a little deeper
or maybe even take that initial jump. Strive for the unknown and attend
shows for valuable reasons that will benefit your company, not just
because. Seek out the proper support and find a trade show consultant
who is knowledgeable and committed to helping you through the journey.

That’s enough daydreaming for me, its time to start implementing.
Keep an eye out for our new selection of custom hybrid displays and make
sure to contact us with any questions.

Written by Jeff Diers

(Owner and founder of Denver based Diers Exhibit Group)

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