Trade Show Displays Melt In Your Mouth

by | Jun 27, 2013

You made the decision to attend a trade show. You studied the books,
searched the stats, and decided on a specific show to meet your
industries needs.

You picked a strong and consistent trade show display company and worked with a skilled trade show expert. The trade show display has been delivered to you and is almost ready for its long trek to the show.

All those sleepless nights were worth it. You are finally ready to
finish the graphic design on the trade show display, but you have yet to
pull the trigger.

Time is on your side, but what’s your next step?

I encourage you to stop at the nearest gas station; grab your
favorite candy bar. Slowly unwrap it, close your eyes and take that
first bite. Let it melt in your mouth as the sugar excites your taste
buds and rejuvenates the brain. Open your eyes and consider this
thought: your trade show display can accomplish a similar reaction in
attendees by providing them with eye candy.

Your trade show display can have a ‘melt in your mouth’ impact on potential clients with these 4 design ideas:

1. The perception of your company is reflected on
the design and look of your booth. When potential clients approach your
booth, will they get a flavor of your company or does your booth look
like the lava mountain in a science fair? You are a professional
organization that takes pride in branding, make sure this is evident on
your booth.

2. Trade show attendees are like cars traveling 90
miles per hour. They look at the scenery as they are passing by. If they
see something beautiful or interesting, they may stop at a bypass and
observe the scenery. They aren’t going to make a stop if the scenery
doesn’t speak to them. A core message and tagline is your scenery for
the show. Develop something that speaks to a traveling attendee.

3. Feet and backs get sore walking the trade show,
but so do eyes. The eyes get tired of looking at the same trade show
display and not finding anything unique or abstract. Your trade show
display should stand out. Abstract trade show booth design will
differentiate you from the competition. Give the tired eye some Eye
Candy to enjoy, despite onset of exhaustion and reoccurring designs
across the trade show.

4. Require staff to attend EXHIBITOR,
which is a world conference and exhibition for trade show and corporate
event marketers. This conference is held annually in Las Vegas and
provides an opportunity for industry leaders to come together and
display new products. EXHIBITOR provides the opportunity for companies
to send out trade show staffers and take specific courses to help them
develop trade show marketing skills. The staff stationed in front of
your trade show booth will make or break the impact of a ‘melt in your
mouth’ display design.

These design ideas will help you develop a trade show display that
melts in the mouth of trade show attendees. You can then appeal to your
specific target audience. You may find they love Kit Kats, include
chocolate and caramel with a slight crunch. If you are appealing to more
of a Snickers crew, don’t forget the peanuts. Take the time to
determine what your audience enjoys and bring eye candy that will
rejuvenate them after a long day of walking the trade show.

A couple days before the show, when everything is complete I like to
make my way to a near by convenient store and purchase a couple last
minute chocolate bars. This has become a ritual for me. We all have to
make sacrifices for the show and chocolate has become my sacrifice.

Eye candy is proven to help maximize trade show marketing efforts and
keep attendees energized, and that’s what it’s all about. Bring eye
candy to your next trade show and attendees are bound to stop at your
trade show booth.

Written By:

Jeff Diers (Owner and Founder of Denver based Diers Exhibit Group)

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