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by | Apr 10, 2012

Why Diers?

• Innovation
• Determination
• Unwavering Support


…an agenda to solve not an agenda to sell

From our products to our commitment, it would be difficult if not
impossible to find another exhibit company willing to work harder or
more competently on your behalf.

We have an agenda to solve not merely to sell. We believe our job
is to make your efforts at event marketing more successful, better
prepared, and more efficient. We’re interested in helping you attract
more qualified potential clients to your exhibit space so you can focus
on your business not on event logistics.

We hope you, too, will soon become one of our very satisfied clients.

•Enhancing your Trade Show ROI
•Decreasing your Cost of Exhibit Ownership
•Meeting Difficult Deadlines
•Design & Manufacturing Excellence
•Unwavering Support after Purchase
•Client Testimonials
•Creative Problem Solving

Portable Trade Show Displays and more….

Diers Exhibit Group specializes in Portable Trade Show Displays,
Banners, Signs, & Table Covers. It’s your all in one, one stop shop
for everything you will need to create a professional presentation. Make
your next trade show booth stand out with vibrant pop up fabric
displays, battery operated displays, hanging signs, or retractable
banners. Go Green with Eco friendly displays that will be sure to
attract attention to your next trade show booth. Consider renting an
attractive and affordable trade show display if you are new to trade
shows, or want to supplement your current exhibit. When planning a trade
show event, know that you can depend on Diers to provide any and all
quality display components to make your exhibit stand out from the

Just one of our many displays that we have.

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Diers Exhibit Group
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