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by | Oct 9, 2013

With An Agenda To Solve, Not An Agenda To Sell…

I would be surprised if this was the first time a salesman approached
you with a similar looking slogan. A sentence composed of words that
sound good when they are spoken out, but rarely make it past the lips.
I see it happen all the time, and I understand your negative
perceptions and frustrations when it comes to sales. Ironically, the
only way I can communicate that Diers Exhibit Group is different is
through my words. I hope you stick around. I can promise my words won’t
simply evaporate into thin air.

You might be at the end of your rope, tired of dealing with the same
companies that market the same thing: “Our Customers Come First” or
“Customer Service is Our #1 Concern.” You think it will be different
this time, but companies continue to leave you with empty promises.

I would like to give you new hope.

When you give Diers Exhibit Group a chance at building your
next trade show display you will find that our words come with action
and completion.

Our agenda IS to Solve, not to sell. I would like to share a personal story with you.

My name is Jessica, I am the Sales Manager for Denver based Diers
Exhibit Group. My father, Jeff Diers, started Diers Exhibit Group 18
years ago. As a young child I watched my father build Diers Exhibit
Group from the ground up. Starting in a small office with only a wooden
desk, an empty filing cabinet, and an old-school cordless phone. I
watched him brainstorm, problem solve, and develop strong relationships
in that office. I even told him about my first Elementary school
referral. First? And last of course, I was a good kid! As various
trials arose, my father would continue to move forward in search of
ultimate solutions.

As the years traveled by, I saw the stress from hard work form slight
wrinkles on his cheeks and around his mouth. The years may have
naturally aged my father but, his business objectives remained unaltered
by the hand of time. No matter what kind of pressure he was under as a
small business owner, he was always moving forward with strength and
perseverance. I observed his unique ability to listen, analyze, and
ultimately assist clients with a variety of needs. My father has this
extraordinary ability to read people, determine their needs, and develop
the best possible solution available for specific company trade show
display needs. I have observed him transform complete strangers into
close business associates who trust and value his professional opinion.

Diers Exhibit Group was built on a foundation of honesty, trust, and a
genuine desire to help people get the trade show display products that
they need. To this day, Jeff Diers aims to SOLVE a clients problem, not
merely to sell. He does this in the most cost-effective and honest way
possible. The sales approach I have seen displayed throughout my life
seeks to establish genuine relationships, with an emphasis on building
these relationships from a position of trust and connection.

18 years later, under the strong hand of my dynamic and charismatic
father, I have been given the role of Sales Manager for Diers Exhibit
Group. The journey of Diers Exhibit Group has been exciting to witness.
I hope through my story you are able to see I am speaking from a place
much deeper than just my cyber platform. Diers Exhibit Group was
molded, shaped, and crafted by a man who has never ceased in his desire
to help people, above and beyond their own expectations. If you are
planning for a small trade show, or a large outdoor event, Diers Exhibit
is here to help you.

“We specialize in Customer Service, and happen to sell trade show displays.” -Jeff Diers

Give Diers Exhibit Group the chance to put action behind our words.
Call us with all of your trade show display questions or concerns.
Jeff is always available for a good conversation, even if it doesn’t
end with you purchasing from Diers.

Thanks for reading!

Jessica Diers

Sales Manager for Denver based Diers Exhibit Group

Created & designed in 1997 by Jeff Diers

Created & designed in 1997 by Jeff Diers

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