Bringing Sexy Back With Fabric Back Wall Displays

by | Nov 12, 2013

It is possible that you have 10 year old trade show display products.
The closet at work is full of trade show display products like: fabric
back walls, retractable banner stands, table throws, and literature
racks. The products you currently own and use to exhibit, might be all
your company needs to get the message across. You have found a simple,
lightweight approach that gets the word out and does the job visually.
I’m all for that. If this includes you, and you have products that
work perfectly for the trade show and events that you attend, don’t
change a thing. Unless I can sway you to.

After talking to a handful of companies who are happy with their
displays. I wanted to know if there was a specific product that was
working for a handful of companies. Still in excellent condition 15
years down the road. I started asking around. I reached out to my
client base, inquiring on this money saving, yet dynamic product. Turns
out I do sell a specific display that meets this criteria. I know I
listed a few of the “popular” long-term products above, but the one
product I discovered to be the most popular for its long-term use and
durability, is a simple back wall display. I mentioned a fabric back
wall display above, but not all back walls are fabric. Personally, I
prefer fabric because it is more durable and with dye sublimation you
can print a flawless image. It is also easier to transport. In our
industry, trade show display structures are ever-evolving. It is
important to have durable and professional looking hardware, but I have
discovered that lightweight, cost-effective, and eye-catching are the
new priority.

So, why? Why should you be interested in a back wall display? More
importantly, why would you change or add to something that is already
working at your trade shows?

One word.


The only thing that really differentiates your company from a sea of companies in the trade show.

To prove the effectiveness and importance of your display graphic, I
found a few statistics on visual teaching and why it should be
prioritized in the classroom. In my opinion, trade show marketers are the teachers of the trade show industry.
We teach trade show attendees about our companies and products through
visual aid: trade show displays. Here are a few stats about visual
learning and the human brain that you should find to be quite

“Approximately 65 percent of the population are visual learners.” -Mind Tools, 1998

“The brain processes visual information 60,000 faster than text.” -3M Corporation, 2001

“90 percent of information that comes to the brain is visual.” -David Hyerle, 2000

The graphics used on trade show displays are a visual aid for people
to comprehend companies and their call to action. As the statistics
show, people retain more information when it is presented to them in a
visual format. At trade show events: You have less than 8-seconds to make an impact.
8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1, within the time it takes you to count down from 8,
you should have caught the eyes of a trade show attendee long enough for
them to desire more information on your company and choose to interact
with your booth.

Still not convinced you should spend the money or change the graphic
on your trade show display? Let me leave you with this. At your next
event, pay close attention to the attendees walking by your booth and
ask yourself two questions:

1. Are they spending less than 8-seconds engaging with my booth, glancing for 1-3 seconds, and then walking away?

2. Are you losing leads because attendees aren’t interacting with your booth?

If you answer yes to these questions, I would challenge you to
consider an affordable, lightweight fabric back wall display. Diers
Exhibit Group can help you create a graphic that will keep trade show
attendees engaged for the full 8-seconds. When attendees decide to
interact with your booth, hopefully you have hired staff who will seal
the deal.

Captivate new clients, earn new leads, follow-up, and seal the deal.
It is that easy when you bring an unforgettable visual aid to represent
your company. Diers Exhibit Group is here to help you showcase your
company in the best way. With affordable products and spectacular,
eye-catching graphics.

Fabric Back Wall Display
A simple structure with complex graphics all at an affordable price point.
Starting at: $500

Contact Denver based Diers Exhibit Group today for more information.

Thank you for reading!

Jessica Diers

(Sales Manager at Diers Exhibit Group)

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