Let’s Talk Table Throws

by | Sep 5, 2013

You can call them table throws, table runners, or table cloths, it
doesn’t really matter because they each have nearly identical styles and
similar pricing. I personally like to say table throw, it seems like
the classy way of saying table cloth. Don’t worry, I don’t discriminate
when it comes to your preferred table cover lingo. I won’t turn you
away if you come to me asking to purchase a blanket to drape over your
dining room table or a sheet for your picnic table. It’s all the same
to me.

On the Diers online store, we have a variety of table throws to choose
from. I want to help you shorten the process of picking a perfect
style for your trade show event.

There seem to be some questions lingering around the different styles
of table throws. I have connected with a handful of clients this week
who had specific questions about our table throws, and I think the
answers I gave will be useful for everyone. With that said, let’s talk
table throws.

When I talk table throws with my clients, I request three important things before we discuss options:

1. Send me a couple of versions of your company logo.

2. Let me know if you have a PMS color for your logo.

3. Do we have to hit your logo color perfectly?

When I have the logo images, I am able to determine how many logo
colors are necessary and if we need to hit the logo color perfectly.
When I know this information ahead of time it helps me to determine the
best table throw to recommend.

Here are the most asked questions about table throws:

– Can you match my logo color perfectly on a fitted or a custom table throw?

Yes, we can match your company logo colors perfectly on the Fitted Table Throws. We can also match your company logo colors perfectly on our Custom Table Throws. A perfect match means that we guarantee we can hit your logo colors spot on, without any color discrepancy.

– I want to match my color perfectly and utilize a 2-color logo print, what kind of table throw would you recommend?

In this case, it would depend on your company budget. If you need to
match your color perfectly you would need to go with either a custom or
a fitted table throw. This would allow you to have a solid color
background, along with a two-color logo print.

– What if I don’t need to match my logo color perfectly and I want the lowest price?

I would recommend our Standard Table Throws.
We will use the PMS color that is closest to your original logo color.
You will still be able to have a solid color background along with a
1-color, 2-color, or full-color logo print and you will save around
$100. This is an excellent option for companies that need to stay within
a specific budget.

– What is the difference between a 3-sided table throw and a 4-sided table throw?

The only real difference is that 3-sided throws come up slightly in
the back of the table. This gives you space to sit behind the table if
necessary. The 4-sided throw covers the same length around the entire
table and does not have a designated spot to sit behind the table.

Below is a Fitted Table Throw, along with a Custom Table Throw. You can also note the color logos and custom print.

When you are finally ready to order trade show display products, it
can be an extremely overwhelming process. I am aware of this struggle.
My goal is to shorten the process for you and decrease stress
surrounding your upcoming trade show or event. If you are looking to
purchase trade show displays or table throws and you are in need of
extra support, you have come to the right place.

We would be thrilled to support you through your next event.

Written by:

Jessica Diers

Sales Manager at Denver based Diers Exhibit Group

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