Outdoor Banner Stands Keep Summer Around

by | Aug 22, 2013

It’s the end of August. Hold on, I’m going to have to repeat that
because I don’t believe it, it is the end of August. Where did our
summer go? I will remember this summer as the shortest of my lifetime.
Summer lasted longer when I was off school for summer break, working a
restaurant job, and hitting the pool between shifts. And that doesn’t
make sense.

I know I’m not the only one already experiencing summer withdraw. I
was chatting with one of my friends who is a teacher, and her kiddos are
back to school this week. Her classroom is ready, she’s already
prepped herself with Starbucks coffee mugs and red pens. She agreed,
our summers seem to be getting shorter and shorter. I have officially
diagnosed myself with a condition called summer withdraw, and the best
treatment is simply more summer.

I received a few business calls this week that have helped my
condition and led me to believe summer is sticking around a little bit
longer. Companies have called requesting trade show display information
for their outdoor events. Diers has already been working on a couple
projects for outdoor events. Some of these events are scheduled for the
last week of August (labor day weekend), but many others are the first
few weeks of September. I don’t know about you, but when I think
outdoor events, I think summer. So, at least for the rest of this blog,
we are going to continue believing that we have another month of summer
to go.

Like I was saying, I’m getting a lot of calls regarding trade show
display products for outdoor events. I wanted to tell you about some of
our more popular outdoor products used for this type of event.

Event tents
are a necessity, they provide a break from the heat and a large space
to display product or company information. Some companies are more
comfortable renting event tents, but I want to plant a little seed. If
you are running an event in your home state and have the ability to
transport your event tent, it is almost always better to buy. When you
buy, you spend close to the same amount and own the product. If you
travel to most of your outdoor events, renting could be the better
option. Shipping event tent hardware can become a hassle.

Feather banners or tear drop banner stands
are essential at outdoor events. Outdoor flags are typically 8′-16′
tall and stand over crowds to help direct or inform people at events.
Feather banners are a nice addition to an event tent.

Lastly, Diers carries a couple outdoor banner stands that are not
available online yet. The outdoor banner stands differ from flags. I
would describe them more as the outdoor option of a retractable
bannerstand. These banners were designed specifically for outdoor
events. Simply fill the base of this product with water to secure the
graphic and keep it stable despite weather. There is also a double
sided option for both products.

Diers recently helped Downtown Fort Collins
with an outdoor summer event. They used outdoor bannerstands to inform
people as they walked throughout the event. The banners ended up being a
huge hit. The outdoor banner stand is on the left under the
information sign, you can click directly on the photo to see a larger
image of the banner stand.

Summer is here to stay, at least for the next month. Keep these
outdoor trade show display products in mind for your next outdoor or
indoor event. Almost all products have dual uses. Another fun fact
about these products, our turn around time is fast. If you get blind
sided with a project, don’t fret. After proof approval, it only takes
two business days to print and ship out to your location.

Stay positive and remember, the only antidote for summer withdraw is more summer!

Written by:

Jeff Diers

Owner and Founder of Denver Based Diers Exhibit Group

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