6 Tips to Decrease Trade Show Stress

by | Aug 6, 2013

6 Tips to decrease your stress level before the big show.

The trade show is like a whirlwind of preparation. This
uncontrollable funnel of wind carries you through each day leading into
the big trade show. As it rushes you swiftly ahead, you are faced with
feelings of uncertainty, frustration, and worry.

Should I spend outside my budget for that essential display?

Is my booth space big enough?

Did I hire the right staff?

What time is the show again? Where is my coffee?…

These questions are inevitable before any trade show. It doesn’t
matter if you are new to trade show display marketing or if you’ve been
around the block a couple times. The whirlwind will have undoubtedly
sweep you up and carry you off into months of preparation.

Keep calm and carry on. I have a feeling you’ve heard this saying. A
little background information, Keep Calm and Carry On was actually a
motivational poster produced by the British Government in 1939. It was
printed before the Second World War, with hopes that it would encourage
the British public in the midst of challenging times.

Scan of original 1939 Keep Calm and Carry On.

This motivational poster was rediscovered in 2000 and many companies
have re-issued the poster onto t-shirts, mugs, posters, etc. I’ve found
this poster to be cliche at times, but after understanding the depth
and history behind the saying I have found a renewed meaning behind the

Stress is difficult to combat. Specifically while in preparation for
a trade show. Trade show marketers; you have a serious amount of
pressure and stress on your shoulders. My encouragement is, Keep Calm
and Carry On. Find new meaning behind the words and try to implement
the motivational saying into your show prep.

As you go on with a renewed mindset, here are 7 tips to decrease stress while preparing for a trade show:

1. Listen to your body. A large marketing project, like a
trade show, is hectic to plan for, but that doesn’t mean that you should
stop taking care of yourself. You can replenish, hydrate, be merry,
and plan a trade show.

2. Drink lots of water to compensate for the copious amounts
of coffee you will be consuming. I have a simple formula for you to
follow, one cup of coffee equals 2 cups of water and it’s not the other
way around. Hydration is key.

3. Fuel your body with fruits and vegetables. It’s tempting
to swing by McDonalds and grab a large Big Mac meal everyday, but that
kind of fuel will only slow you down, keep it clean with the food.

4. Get an adequate amount of sleep (8 hours). It’s typical to work long days before a show, but sleep is not something to sacrifice. Schedule enough sleep into your daily routine.

5. Get some exercise, even if it’s walking your dog late at
night. Get some fresh air and breath. Yoga is helpful in achieving mind
and body stillness. Try a couple classes if your stress level has gone
over the edge. It is important to keep your stress levels under control
while planning for a show because when the show hits, you will need to
be ready; mentally and physically.

6. The trade show is the main objective. All the work you incur on the journey is how you prepare for the big show.

Don’t let the whirlwind of trade show preparation take over every
aspect of your life. Utilize these essential health tips and take
control of your own trade show destiny. It will take hard work and
continual focus to press onward, but all the hard work put in will be
worth it in the end.

Just think, as you finish the final stage of dismantle and gaze
around your booth space, sleepy eyed and achy, to make sure you’re not
leaving anything behind. You will have come to the end of your hard
work. Everything completed, nothing left behind. Your aching feet and
back are desperately ready for a chair, but you can stand, exhausted,
yet accomplished.

With a stack of potential leads and a job well done. You will have
another show under your belt, and you can set your eyes on bigger and
better things for the future.

If you are in the middle of trade show preparations, be encouraged;
there is an end in sight. Don’t let the stress give you tunnel vision,
if you incur road bumps along the way, just keep going. Keep calm and
carry on. Don’t stress the small stuff, it’s not worth it. Take care of
yourself and above all else, have fun! Trade show display marketing is a
journey, but a fulfilling one.

Denver based Diers Exhibit Group is here to help. Let us help you
carry some of your stress load that comes with trade show prep. We want
to lighten your load. Contact us today for all of your trade show
display needs. You can also Keep Calm and Buy Diers.

Written by:

Jeff Diers

Owner and founder of Denver based Diers Exhibit Group

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