Something New: Triga Fabric Displays & 3D Pop-Up Displays

by | Jul 17, 2013

Over the last month we added new products to the Diers Store Site. I
may be biased, but I think all of these products are awesome. Keep in
mind, we are intentional with our new products choices for the site and I
know all of these products can assist you in your trade show marketing
efforts. So, here they are, brand spanking new products for you to study
and order.

Under 3D Pop-Up Displays I added the Xpressions Connex Pop-Up
Displays and the Xpressions Snap Pop-Up Displays. The Xpressions Connex
is a fabulous product. A feature I love about the Connex is its
versatility, you can connect the frames at different angles or in
straight lines and either way you are adding another dimensions to the
Xpressions exhibit.

The Xpressions Snap is a popular unit among exhibitors. The 3D Snap
display was the first display to bring 3D to the phrase pop-up display.
This 3D pop-up display is well-known for its easy set-up; you can be
set-up in a Snap!

Triga Fabric Displays are the newest addition to the Diers store site. In case you haven’t
heard of Triga, I’m going to give you some background information on the
products. Triga fabric displays “offer world class design, display and
branding solutions to clients.” They have developed a fabric display
tensioning system that is tool-less and easy to set-up and dismantle.
Triga is also an extremely versatile product, the shape along with size
can be manipulated and changed to fit for specific events.

Triga systems are best explained through the video posted below. This
2 minute video is worth the watch, you will have a better understanding
of Triga and how the system can benefit your companies trade show
marketing efforts. Enjoy!

Triga fabric displays are legit. If you have any questions on Triga
or our Xpressions units, give us a call! We also value your feedback on
new products and appreciate any suggestions. We want to provide the
product base that you need to fulfill all of your trade show marketing
needs. Get in touch with us today: 303-973-5613.

Written by:

Jeff Diers

Owner and Founder of Denver based Diers Exhibit Group

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