Yield To No One: Exhibitor 2014

by | Mar 28, 2014

This was my second year attending the Exhibitor trade show at Mandalay Bay Convention Center
in Las Vegas. Exhibitor is a trade show held for people in the trade
show display industry. This is an important show for trade show sellers
because it gives us the opportunity to connect with trade show display
companies around the country, and even the world. This year, Exhibitor
gave me a chance to look at new trade show displays. That helps me stay
relevant with the products I’m offering clients. At Diers Exhibit Group,
we want to be able to offer the best products available, and be able to
suggest a variety of solutions. I met
new friends at Exhibitor 2014, and connected with old friends in the
industry. I was even able to celebrate Saint Patricks day in Las Vegas.
That was a lot of fun. I was given a green flashlight necklace from this
gentleman to the right.

was actually from Greece. The trade show industry is overflowing with
excited, spontaneous, and compassionate business owners. Walking the
show hall was not only good for business, but it was also filled with
great conversation and connection. It was refreshing to connect with
companies who are passionate about their business and want to help Diers
Exhibit Group succeed. It is empowering to know that the trade show
display companies we partner with share our passion to provide clients
with the best service available.

I snapped a bunch of pictures in
Vegas because there were so many great things to see! The image to the
left of the backlit trade show display really stuck out to me. The
triangular shape is quite unique, and the vibrant yellow really made
this display pop. I think this was one of the more eye-catching displays
at Exhibitor 2014. I also appreciate the title: Yield To No One. That
sentence made me stop to think. I decided that, “Yield To No One” is a
phrase that can be applied to many companies. As business owners and
employees, we all desire to be successful at our art. The salesperson
desires to be the best at selling, and the graphic designer desires to
produce the best graphic art. We are all passionate about our specific
work and aim to contribute our skills to build strong and successful
companies. As I was looking at this graphic, I realized how important
individuality is to a company. Not only does your individual role
contribute to the functionality of the company, but your role is a piece
of the puzzle that makes everything in the company fit together.
Sometimes, with our busy schedules it is easy to lose sight of our
individuality and yield to another persons way of doing things.

This is a beautiful backlit trade
show display, but what it says is enlightening: Yield to no one. I want
to pursue my vision for Diers Exhibit Group, and I want to be passionate
even if what I desire for the company does not match what other
companies have done. For Diers Exhibit Group: “Yield to no one,” means
that I keep putting people first, because they are my passion and
priority. People first, before the product and before the sale. I know
that I will run into companies who will disagree with my approach to
business, but I truly believe that relationships are the cornerstone of a
healthy business. I want to build Diers Exhibit Group on healthy
business relationships with a constant focus on customer service and
care. I will yield to no one in this pursuit.

Exhibitor 2014 was a memorable experience. I am excited to bring new
trade show display products to the table, and offer new solutions to my
clients. As I move forward in my trade show endeavors, I will take this
with me: “Yield to no one.” Individuality is what builds a business and
every roll is important to make the company work efficiently. So, I’m
going to encourage you to keep up the hard work and know that your role
matters and you are significant.

Thank you for reading!

Written by:

Jessica Diers

Exhibit Sales Manager at Denver based Diers Exhibit Group

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