How To Take Trade Show Displays From Ideas To Reality

by | Apr 28, 2014

In the trade show industry it is essential that exhibits have a
visual impact on attendees. At Denver based Diers Exhibit Group, our
first priority is to make sure your concept is unique, and eye-catching.
We enjoy work with abstract ideas, and strive to bring trade show
display ideas to life. Our motto is: “We will make it work,” and even
if the concept is something we have never seen before.

Recently, I worked on a backlit trade show display for RockPile Energy Service.
I went downtown to meet with RockPile at their Denver location. I
started off the meeting by presenting different options for displays. I
talked about backlit displays, modular trade show displays, and stretch
fabric displays. RockPile was most interested in the backlit trade show
displays, and they decided on the Triga fabric
backlit display system. This backlit display has a unique modular
structure that enables users to reconfigure existing walls by simply
using extra components. Triga walls are custom built, and can utilize
different LED light configurations.

The RockPile Energy team, who is in the oil and gas industry, came up
with an idea for the backlit trade show display. We discussed how the
display might depict the fracking process. The goal was to use the
backlit trade show display as visual aid to describe the fracking
process to trade show attendees. We started with a sloppy sketch, and in
a month we had created something that I have never seen in the trade
show industry.

RockPile used an internal designer for the graphics, and I was able
to get with the backlit engineers at Triga to make our sketch a reality.
RockPile wanted to have two fracking canals that would go down into the
earth, and utilize different colors and blinking modes to differentiate
the two. The sketch to the right is very different from what we
actually designed. I went to my designers and articulated what we
needed, and they were confident they could build it. Triga utilized an
LED strip at the top of the exhibit, and then two different LED color
strips to illustrate fracking. The two LED stripes were designed with a
variety of color schemes and different modes. The backlit display came
with a remote for each fracking illustration. The remotes gave RockPile
the ability to change the color of the lights. From red to blue to pink
to purple. There were a variety of colors. RockPile was also able to use
blinking, strobing, or flashing modes to make each fracking
illustration more noticeable. The LED colors could also fade into a
variety of colors.

How do we take your trade show display ideas and make them a reality?

We believe in our clients. Each step of the way. The RockPile concept
was different, and it took time and strong communication to produce.
Throughout the entire process I was confident in RockPile’s idea. At
Diers Exhibit Group we support our clients ideas, and instead of
shooting them down we provide a foundation where they can flourish.

No matter what, “We will make it work.”Piece by piece, and sketch by sketch this unique backlit trade show display was designed exactly how RockPile had envisioned.

Starting with your initial meeting with Diers Exhibit Group it is our
passion to see your ideas come to life. As we move through the process
of design, production, and then install/dismantle, it becomes our
privilege to work alongside your team to make your trade show display
ideas a reality. Contact Diers today, and we can get started! Thank you
for reading, and I hope to hear from you soon.


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