The Wonders Of Backlit Banner Stands

by | Jun 16, 2014

So, you start with a simple banner stand; nothing special, just the
classic aluminum base accompanied by a sweet, creative graphic. However,
there is something more! Something that makes the banner stand catches the
eye of distracted bystanders. What exactly is it.

It’s the incredibly innovative, yet simple idea of adding LED
lighting strips behind the banner itself and enclosing the light –
hence, “backlit.” The lights are used to illuminate the tension fabric
graphics and create a clean, sophisticated look. This particular model
to the right is the Segue Lightbox. It sports a double-sided graphic
printed using SEG (silicone edge graphics) technology. SEG eliminates
the guesswork when printing graphics and ensures a perfect print every
time. In addition, the lightweight aluminum makes set-up a breeze.

I’ve seen backlit banner stand displays that have left me in awe. Being a fan of science fiction and fantasy, I found it irresistible to note the futuristic and next-level look of backlit banner stands. The lighting really ties everything together. The light provides a crisp new dimension to the regular old banner stand and makes the everyday tradeshow-bystander feel like a crewmember aboard the Starship Enterprise.

Another thing to keep in mind, the backlit banner stands and Segue Lightboxes will not break the bank. They are an affordable option.

You need a backlit banner stand for 4 reasons:

1. Draw in the attention of distracted patrons

2. They naturally look awesome

3. They’re lightweight and easy to setup

4. They are affordable, and won’t break the bank.

If you are trying to convey that clean, professional, and
sophisticated look at your next trade show; you should consider a
backlit trade show display. Call Denver-based Diers Exhibit Group today
for more information.

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