The New Tool-less Trade Show Display

by | Feb 12, 2014

Legos are cool, and if you have kids then you are probably still in
the lego scene. Most kids enjoy playing with legos because they are easy
to build. Kids can connect pieces freely and build whatever creative
structure they have in mind. From spaceship to turbocharged car to
vacation home- the creative options are endless.

Personally, I haven’t been in the lego scene for roughly 15 years
now, no kids for me yet. As I journey further into the trade show
industry, I find myself longing for lightweight legos that used to
connect with ease. Instead, I am struggling with heavy metal pieces that
won’t seem to fit together. The good days where I could hand my
spaceship over to my mom to fix are gone. Now I am spending my extra
budget to hire trade show services to help my staff and I figure out why
pieces aren’t fitting together properly. Sometimes I long to throw my
lego creation and run out of the room, but I’m an adult now. I have to
do adult things, so I continue to stare at my trade show display
hardware hoping it will magically set up itself. I’ve never had that
kind of magic. This means I end up burning a lot of time and eventually
have to spend the money on trade show services.

Okay, got that off my chest! If you sympathize with my lego
fascination then you will want to hear about our new modular display
system. At Diers Exhibit Group, we have sold the Tahoe Modular Trade Show Display
for years. It is a fabulous product that has a professional appeal. We
support the Tahoe display and value this product, but we have always
warned our clients of its benefits, along with disadvantages, as we do
with every product. The benefits of the Tahoe modular trade show display
are the professional structure, along with eye-catching design features.
The disadvantages to our modular trade show display are weight and
set-up time. The Tahoe trade show display is a heavy system to ship and
move around the show floor. It can also be difficult to set up on your
own. Unless of course, you have a team member who built skyscrapers with
their legos or has experience setting up this type of display. After
reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of the Tahoe, we decided to
start selling a new system. This modular display system is called the: Tahoe Twistlock Trade Show Display.

The new Tahoe Twistlock Trade Show display is completely tool-less making set-up much easier and 50% faster
than the existing tahoe display. It is available in a number of
configurations and can be fully customized. The tahoe twistlock is a lot
like playing with legos all over again. You can use creativity to
create your custom Tahoe twist lock back wall, and look forward to ease of
set-up when it comes time to attend your next trade show. I highly
recommend this new trade show display. Less pressure on the set-up, and
more focus on the trade show.


Give me a call with any questions on this new system, and thanks for reading!

Written by: Jessica Diers

Exhibit Sales Manager

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