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by | Feb 27, 2014

The weather is changing, and the snow is melting. It is just about
time to start planning outdoor trade show events. Winter is a busy
season for the trade show industry. Most of the industry shows are held
during the colder seasons. Trade shows are year-round, but indoor
events tend to thin out during the warm summer season. The outdoor trade
show events become marketers’ next big project, and the indoor events
sit on the back burner. Outdoor trade show events differ from
traditional indoor trade shows, and it is important to start planning
sooner rather than later. Here are 3 reasons why immediate planning is
important for outdoor trade show events.

3 Reasons You Should Start Planning For Your Outdoor Trade Show Event Now


1. The marketing approach is different from outdoor events. If you
are anticipating using your indoor trade show display because it is
easier I would encourage you to reconsider.

2. Even if it is summer the weather is still fickle, and it won’t
feel bad picking up and carrying away your pretty indoor trade show
banner. There are outdoor products specifically designed to endure
whatever weather has to throw at you.

3. The trade show industry is saturated with outdoor, and even
indoor, trade show display products. When you are shopping for an
outdoor trade show display it is essential to find a durable product.
After you find a durable product you should also make sure that your
product is under a weather damage warranty in case weather decides to
rear its head.

At Denver-based Diers Exhibit Group, we can’t predict the weather,
but we offer durable outdoor event tent and flag solutions. Our outdoor event tent solutions
are new and improved this season. We offer a sturdier and more durable
frame with easier-to-use levers for leg adjustment. We upgraded our
event tent frames to heavy-duty steel frames. The steel frame slides
easily into place with ABS plastic gliders. Our event tents include a
deluxe frame, canopy, and protective dust cover. We have made it our
goal, and passion to provide the best and most durable event tent in our
industry. And if for some reason your event tent does not perform the
way we promised we will send you a brand new one.

Our outdoor flag solutions have also been upgraded this season. One of our top sellers, the Falcon Flag,
was designed as an outdoor display. We upgraded to heavy steel back
that provides support when displaying at outdoor trade show events. The
package includes the outdoor flag pole, along with a spike base that
digs deep into the earth for the support necessary. We also offer a
durable X-base that can be used with a water bag to provide the support

Diers Exhibit Group offers outdoor products that can take on
whatever the weather brings. We are passionate about what we do and
look forward to helping you plan your outdoor events. Thank you for
reading, and give us a call with any questions.

Written by:

Jessica Diers

Exhibit Sales Manager at Diers Exhibit Group

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