Literature Stands: A Must for Any Exhibit

by | Jun 3, 2015

We all know how important it is to have brochures and other printed materials about your business to hand out while exhibiting at trade shows, so I’m not going to talk about that today.

What I am going to talk about, is how what your printed materials are displayed in can make a difference in how many materials you hand out and leads you may get a hold of. You need a proper literature stand so that your materials can be displayed prominently and professionally.

When people walk by your booth, you want them to be drawn in by what they see. You also want them to stay and ask you questions, hopefully becoming a future client. If they walk past and don’t see anything they can take back with them, they may be less likely to stop in your booth. However, if they see your materials featured on an attractive display stand, they may stop in just to check out the cool display stand! Therefore, allowing time for someone from your team to approach them and begin a conversation. Sometimes it is the simple things that work the most magic.

Here at Diers we have a few different literature stands to help create that magic and help you promote your brand, business, and goals. All 5 of our offered stands come with either a hard or soft carrying case for easy portability. Most of them even allow you to keep your materials inside while not in use, so no wasted time inserting and removing everything before and after each show.

• EZ Frost Literature Display: With 6 frosted glass slots for literature, the EZ Frost Literature Display is one our most professional stands. The ease of set up and tear down along with the handy dandy hard carrying case make this stand a necessity for any professional exhibit booth. The EZ Frost display stand comes with a single width or double width option.

• 5 Steps Literature Display: This is one of our coolest literature display stands. It sets up in a snap (literally) and allows for all materials to be left in place, even while folded down. The 5 Steps Literature display comes with a padded carrying bag for easy and safe portability.

• Clearview Literature Display: A simple, yet effective four-tiered stand made with acrylic and a sturdy chrome base. This stand comes with a soft carrying case and allows for materials to be left inside while collapsed.

• Z Literature Display: Similar in design to the EZ Frost Literature Display, this double-sided accordion-style stand allows for maximum material storage. Made from acrylic and metal, this stand gets the job done in style and comes with a sturdy aluminum carrying case.

• Roll-Up Literature Display: The four nylon mesh pockets of this literature stand allow for materials to be displayed in a more casual manner. The flexible, vertical rod in the back pops into place letting the display stand and not take up much room. When finished, simply remove materials and roll up the very lightweight stand, and place it in the soft carrying bag. Almost too simple.



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