A Legacy of Passion

by | Jun 17, 2015

The Dads of Diers…

A legacy of passion passed from one generation to the next

We all know that fathers play a significant role in the lives of their children, and the Diers story is no different. Virgil Diers, the father to Diers Exhibit Group founder, Jeff Diers, played a significant role in the development and refinement of his son’s creative thought. Virgil was a self-taught professional painter, and his creativity and skill led him to become an entrepreneur and develop his own company; something Jeff would watch and learn from later on in life. As a freehand sign painter, Virgil not only painted large highway billboards, company logos on buildings, and custom truck lettering but also created elaborate designs on motorcycles and snowmobiles.

Virgil brought his creative thought into the family, painting murals on the living room wall in Belle Plain, MN. Jeff spent his time observing his father’s brush strokes and watching as the walls were brought to life in front of him, stroke by stroke. Virgil’s love for art and for painting never ceased, and his creative passion continued strong into his last days. Thanks to his father, Jeff developed an eye for artistic beauty and an abstract way of seeing color and unique ideas come together.

Now, Jeff is passing his passion for the trade show business on to his three children, specifically, daughter Jessica. Jessica grew up watching and learning from her father about good business, and the skills it takes to succeed in this competitive trade show industry. Together they are pushing boundaries and growing their business to be as great as it can be. The dedication and fervor passed down from generation is what sets Diers Exhibit Group apart from the others, and is what makes us so committed to giving our customers the best service and experience that we can.

We are passionate about bringing our family legacy forward, and we are passionate about trade show displays.

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