Going Green in an Industry of Silver Solutions: Tips of the Trade

by | Mar 30, 2016

When you think about going green or recycling, are you thinking
to yourself: “The earth is cool, but what difference am I really

You are not alone. Every week I’m faced with the decision to
recycle my cans, glass bottles, and cardboard boxes, or to just throw them in
the trash. Recently, I integrated a separate bag for my recyclable items and
started to take them to my parent’s house to be recycled. I did this because my apartment complex
doesn’t have a recycling service, which is surprising because Boulder is just a
hop, skip, and a jump north from where I live. What’s so special about Boulder being so near? In Boulder, they charge for grocery
bags and have compost and recycling everywhere.

I was feeling good about my recycling efforts. I was recycling
consistently for 3 weeks, and the lone trash bag seemed to be working well.
Until one day a couple of weeks ago when my constantly hungry yellow lab, Chica,
decided the recycling smelled good. She ripped into the bag, shredded all of
the paper, and licked all of the cans clean. She didn’t even clean up after
herself! I became a little discouraged about the whole recycling thing after
this incident, and as a result, stopped recycling. I have considered purchasing
a second trashcan, but you don’t know my dog. She literally ate 3 large
chocolate bars off my counter last week! She will even get into my closed trashcan
any chance she gets. (Also, she is doing well now, thanks for asking!)

Needless to say, recycling is hard! Going green is hard! Being
proactive about the health of our planet is hard! I get it. So, with all of my
recent experience, I wanted to give you 4 Tips to help you with Going Green
in the exhibit industry.



4 Tips on Going Green in an Industry of Silver Solutions for the Person who asks, “What’s the point?”

 – Tip #1

Start out small. If you have an old trade show display, consider
recycling the display instead of trashing it. Most hard shipping cases are
fully recyclable. The plastic can be melted down and used again for another

– Tip #2

Don’t get overwhelmed. If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed
by the lack of green trade show display products available or even the cost,
don’t fret. You can study our eSmart Sustainable Displays section of the
website, or call me! I will help to calm you down with stories of recyclables
scattered over my apartment floor.

You can contact me, Jessica, directly at 720-469-4285

– Tip #3

Check the Green Guide. I know it helps to have resources
when it feels like you are out of your element. I recommend you jump back on
our first blog to read through the Green Guide. This guide does a great job
describing the booth elements that are sustainable in more detail.

– Tip #4

Don’t give up! I wanted to be a source of encouragement today.
Going Green is difficult and can be a hassle for everyone. If you really want
to make an impact on your planet and purchase a sustainable exhibit, then do
your research. Try not to get discouraged and keep asking questions. Eventually,
the right solution will present itself.

Contact Denver-based Diers Exhibit Group to learn more about
sustainable trade show exhibits.

for reading!

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