Benefits of Using Hanging Banners at Trade Shows & Events

by | Feb 28, 2013

A hanging banner might not be at the top of your list for potential
trade show products, but I’d like to move it up a couple lines. Ranging
from 24-48 inches in height and 8 to 15 feet in diameter, they’re not
considered small or hard to see. They compliment any trade show booth
and are generally eye-catching. Here are a few of our Hanging Banner options

  • Tapered Circle or Circle
  • Tapered Triangle or Triangle
  • Tapered Square or Square

What everybody ought to know about hanging banners:

  • They are produced from high quality fabric,
  • Have the ability to bring attention to your trade show booth from any location at an event.
  • They are beneficial in almost any situation and cover a big area.
  • Hanging display systems are multipurpose and can hang from the
    ceiling above the trade show booth or in the center of the booth to
    draw attention.
  • Banners attach to aluminum frames that guarantee a strong and smooth hang.

Consider the last trade show event you attended. I imagine your
booth was jam packed into your designated area. The large auditorium
didn’t seem so large as people shuffled around trying to keep an
appropriate distance between others personal bubble. When trade show
attendees eventually made it through the crowd to your booth you had
outgoing and friendly staffers welcoming them into the booth area. And
at this point your company vision was executed perfectly. At the end of
the show you reflected on the experience and asked a common question,
what was my trade show booth missing?

Two questions to ask:

  1. Could it be that you were missing a hanging display system?
  2. Would it have made a difference over the large crowd of people?

It is easy to underestimate the benefits of
having a hanging banner. When created with eye-catching colors and
design, banners grab attention from anywhere in the show. Don’t forget,
you only have the space that is designated. This does include the
ceiling above your trade show booth. My advice, utilize every last inch
that you have. Yes, even the metal ceiling slab above. Hanging a
banner could make the difference in generating you more leads and sales
at your next trade show event.

When the ceiling is too high for a hanging banner, consider utilizing your banner in the center of your trade show booth. A Circle Banner is eye-catching when hung in the middle of your space where it can be seen from every angle.

A bold image is essential on a hanging banner and keeping the text to a minimum is generally a great rule of thumb.

Image rights: ADFab Exhibit Group

Feel free to contact us with any further questions at 303-973-5613 and thank you for stopping by.

Written by Jeff Diers

Owner and Founder of Denver based Diers Exhibit Group

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