4 Tips For Working A Trade Show Booth

by | Jul 24, 2014

It’s known that trade shows are essentially opportunities. You have
the opportunity to engage an audience, pitch your product or service,
and garner sales leads.

It is important to research the event you’re attending ahead of time;
gain an understanding of what your competitors are bringing to the
table. This will ensure you have a solid plan for how you will
accumulate foot traffic within your trade show booth.

Use These Tips For Working a Trade Show Booth

I have 4 tips for working a trade show booth that I think will benefit you at your next event4 Tips For Working A Trade Show Booth

I can’t stress enough how important it is to arrive at the trade show
with a set-in-stone plan, and an engaging display. When you and your
the team are ready to rumble on the show floor; use the following tips to
guarantee success in your business’ booth:

1. Positive Mental Attitude

It can be discouraging when you’re standing around your exhibit. When
person after person passes without even a slight glance in your
direction. Don’t let it get you down! It is essential that you maintain a
positive mental attitude. Trade show attendees are there for a reason
and will eventually make it into your booth. Don’t be afraid to approach
bystanders and engage them in conversation. Motivate the members of
your team during slow traffic hours and ensure you remain approachable.

2. Stay Fueled & Refreshed

Striking up conversations, and standing in a booth all day can take its toll on exhibit employees. So, stock up on healthy snacks and drinks to refuel you and your team. Tired, sluggish employees can hamper your presentation and deter attendees from even entering your exhibit. A
hungry worker is an unhappy worker! Also, allow your team to periodically take breaks; have them walk around a bit to get their blood
flowing, and get some fresh air.

3. Buck-up To The Limelight

The exhibit floor is not a place where shy and timid trade show booth workers are welcome. You have to have a team that is able to
approach random people, start conversations, and engage the audience. With that, there are a few responsibilities that you should abide by.
First of all, do your homework. Double-check that you know everything under the sun in regards to your product or service, and have a well-thought-out presentation. Use showmanship to reach out and touch bystanders with your voice and confidence. If you can portray that you’re confident in your product and company then the audience will be more obliged to place their confidence in your organization.

4. Grab Their Attention Quickly

This is arguably the most important tip, and I’m sure you’ve heard it before. It is the root of trade show success, and it must be addressed
with unwavering contemplation. You can grab attention with your trade show booth. You have literally 4 seconds to an impression on an event
attendee. This will higher the probability that they will stop, and entertain your performance. Even though they are surrounded by whimsically batting sales pitches it is important that you stand out amongst the horde of competitors. Be friendly, assertive, but not too pushy. Stick to your pre-planned sales pitch. If you happen to get a listener, speak loudly in hopes of sparking the interest of others who are nearby.

Every ounce of effort put forward on the exhibit floor will be rewarded with new business relationships, respect for your brand, and of course, sales leads. Keep these tips in mind at your next event, and you’re sure to steal the show!

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