4 Reasons to Exhibit at Outdoor Retailer

by | Nov 19, 2015

Outdoor Retailer is one of the largest trade shows held at the Denver Convention Center every January.

At Diers Exhibit, we have the privilege of working with a handful of companies that attend the show and exhibit each year.

I have attended Outdoor Retailer for the last two years to oversee booth install and dismantle. My favorite part about SIA is the variety of attendees and the quality of each trade show booth. Some of the big brands like BurtonSpyder or Salomon have phenomenal custom exhibits that I literally stand and stare at with my jaw dropped.

I have a lot of companies that contact me throughout the year and ask if I recommend SIA. My recommendation for them is if you can afford the space and a booth; go for it! I don’t know of a snow industry show that compares.

Outdoor Retailer aims to meet or exceed every exhibitor’s expectation each year. This is the most concentrated trade show or event where companies can market and present their brands to the snow sports industry. And what better city to host the show than Denver, CO with those beautiful Rocky Mountains in our backyard.

Here are 4 Reasons why you Should Exhibit at Outdoor Retailer:

1) You have the opportunity to connect with the most concentrated retail buying power in the snowsport industry.

Outdoor Retailer averages that over 80% of attendees have retail buying power, so it is the best place for you to show off your latest trend, product, or technology. They also work hard to measure accurate retail attendance each year, because your success is also their success.

You will have the opportunity to meet with retailers and show them your unique line. You will have 3 days with multiple opportunities to get in front of the people who really matter in the snowsport industry.

2) There is a great opportunity to create relationships with key accounts and build friendships that matter long-term. 

Outdoor Retailer creates an atmosphere that is relaxing and exciting. There is a great opportunity to build relationships and friends with a variety of vendors and name brands that can be helpful down the road. Being at Outdoor Retailer enables every exhibitor to get in front of the key dealers, while they have fun and make long-term friendships within the industry.

3) Your team will have additional Product exposure for free. 

You can increase your exposure through Exhibitor PR tools & support. You can also contact the SIA PR Department and learn about great PR tips for the show.

Get involved with anything and everything you can! There is so much going on at Outdoor Retailer. You can visit their website to research all of the different activities and events. Make sure to get involved. That will give you extra exposure.

4) To get in front of key retailers.

Outdoor Retailer offers a wonderful opportunity for you to get in front of key retailers and show them your line. Most companies have more appointments than any other show in the industry. You can talk to a number of people who would tell you that they wouldn’t be in the channels they are in if they hadn’t attended this show.

If you love to ski or to snowboard I’m sure you will never escape that love. Outdoor Retailer gives you a great opportunity to connect with an industry that you sometimes only see once or twice a year. You can see each company’s passion for the snowsport industry through their products. If you think snowboarders and skiers are all play, then you would be surprised by the number of entrepreneurs and start-ups in the industry who are strongly business-oriented.

So, get your snow sport brand out there, and exhibit at Outdoor Retailer next year.

We love the show, and so will you!

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