10×30 Hybrid S Backlit

Our client, Playtime, recently exhibited with their full 10×30 Hybrid S Backlit display. Playtime is the global provider of custom-themed play areas along with playground equipment. They can be used for indoor, outdoor, and water play for all children. The play areas are designed to engage children, and the themed, soft play areas drive traffic and enhance Playtimes clients’ brands. When Playtime approached Diers Exhibit, we worked with them to brainstorm a way to make the booth come to life. We spent a lot of time discussing a backlit theme, and decided that would be the best direction. As you can see in the image below, backlit was a really great decision. The LED lights make the graphics pop, and also compliments the play elements that were included in the booth concept. It was an absolute privilege to work alongside Playtime. If you are in need of a play element for indoor, outdoor, or water play, please make sure to give Playtime a call!

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