Duck, Co

Custom Exhibit

The Duck, Co t-shirt company recently purchased this awesome trade show booth from us. We worked with them on the design and setup. In fact, you can check out the entire process on our Facebook page and see photos from the concetp to the start and finish! We love the way the booth turned out, and think it really gets the feeling and ambiance that the Duck, Co represents.

You’ll notice a number of clients in the middle of the booth. We created custom counters with custom hardwood counter tops which were a huge hit! This gave trade show attendees the ability to rest their forearms on the counter while discussing t-shirt options. We also printed custom graphics for the counters, which did a great job of drawing people into the booth. While the Duck, Co booth was a bit of a challenge for us, we were able to knock it out of the park and we definitely enjoyed every minute of it. We are thankful for the relationship we maintain with the Duck, Co and for the opportunity to work with them and build this sensational booth!

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