Blue Circle Foods

Blue Circle Foods

10×10 Custom Eco Systems Exhibit

This booth recently exhibited at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA. We modified the trade show display design to fit in this custom space. The size of the booth space in this picture is 10’W x 5’D. Typically our client, Blue Circle Foods, will be exhibiting in a 10’W x 10’D booth space. The larger space would allow Blue Circle to bring the L-shaped counter out to the front of the booth. Our design team had a lot of fun creating this booth concept. On the left, we made room for a refrigerator to house product. The frame around the refrigerator is a wood build with an eco-friendly wood laminate finish. The right side of the booth is a Silicone Edge frame and graphic. The counter is also a wood build finished with an eco-friendly laminate. This eco-friendly booth was built with a variety of sustainable items, such as: our EcoBoard which is a rigid biodegradable material, graphics that are printed using water based ink, FSC wood, laminates and glues that are GreenGuard and low VOC, and an LED energy efficient light bulb. Blue Circle was listed as a sustainable exhibit by Expo West. Such a beautiful booth!  

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