Exhibiting Tips

Exhibiting Tips from Denver-Based Diers Exhibit Group  


Written from the eyes of a trade show distributor and the owner of Denver based Diers Exhibit Group, Jeff Diers.

Jeff has been a distributor in the trade show industry for over 17 years. Passionate about his work, Jeff brings a creative spin to the industry and enjoys doing so. He started his business with little knowledge or resources, and his journey began at a large wooden desk with a cordless phone, and an empty filing cabinet. Jeff’s father, Virgil Diers, had anticipated a different career path for his son and did not support Jeff’s career choice. Against his odds, Jeff continued to pursue his passion for sales and for the trade show industry. This was a slow process, but through hard-work and diligence, Diers Exhibit Group was formed.

Virgil Diers played a significant role in the development and refinement of Jeff’s creative thought. Virgil was a professional painter, and his creativity and skill led him to become an entrepreneur and develop his own company. Virgil would paint elaborate murals on the sides of company vehicles. His painting career took off as his abstract art became more and more popular around the town. Virgil brought his creative thought into the family, painting murals on the living room wall in Belle Plain, MN. Jeff spent his time observing his father’s brush strokes and watching as the walls were brought to life stroke by stroke. Virgil’s love for art and for painting never ceased, and his creative passion continued strong into his last days. Thanks to his father, Jeff has developed an eye for artistic beauty and an abstract way of seeing color and unique ideas come together.

DiersExhibitGroup strives to provide you with top-quality trade show displays, along with outstanding customer service and a sharp, creative eye to help design graphics.