The Versatility of a Formulate Master Display

by | May 11, 2016

Versatile items are in high demand. Everyone wants the latest product that not only makes life simpler by doing more than one job but also allows for personal customization.

In keeping with this trend, we have a display that is one of our most versatile yet! The Formulate Master Kits and Connectors allow you to design your booth and interchange accessories without purchasing an entirely new booth. We love this because you may need different items based on the trade shows you are attending in a given season.

Formulate Master 10ft Back Walls are available in three different base styles, with accessories that accommodate all three. Follow the steps below to create the exhibit that fits your need.


Step 1: Choose the style of the back wall that fits your fancy.

  1. Straight – The straight back wall offers a professional, clean surface that graphics pop on.
  2. Vertical – With a vertical back wall, your display will come alive with the sleek vertical curve.
  3. Horizontal -The horizontal back wall will have eyes sweeping from side to side as they follow the curve.


Step 2: Pick an accent to compliment your display.

  1. Accent 01 – A graphic panel brings appeal as it breaks up the back wall with extra graphics or additional information.
  2. Accent 02 – With the accent ladder, any products or give-aways will be easily seen on the three laminate shelves. Two graphic panels allow for added graphics or text. Shelves are available in natural wood, mahogany, white or black.
  3. Accent 05 – If you’re one to hand out flyers, brochures, or other print materials, the literature ladder will be ideal for you. It holds up to three different handouts and includes two graphic panels for extra information.
  4. Accent 11 – This tapered ladder includes two laminate shelves which can accommodate taller products than the Accent 02 can. It includes one graphic panel.


Step 3: Add a connector and second back wall.

Turn your 10ft display into a 20ft display by adding one of our Formulate Master Connectors.

  1. Connector 01 – The simplest of our back wall connectors, the graphic panel echoes the graphic panel as it brings your display together.
  2. Connector 03 – The concave monitor connector allows for a graphic to be behind the monitor, while connecting two back walls, or over a 20ft back wall. Add an accent for one end of your display to bring your exhibit full circle.
  3. Connector 07 – The convex monitor connector adds sleek curves and a monitor mount to your display.

Once you’ve chosen the back wall, accents, and optional connector, the only step left is to stun your attendees with your versatile booth! Switch out accents based on the trade show you will be attending. Add an extra fabric graphic to your back wall or a graphic panel accent to change up your display throughout the season.

The options are endless as you can mix and match a 10ft back wall with a 20ft back wall, and connectors and accents. Purchase pieces a la carte, or as a Formulate Master Kit for added value, and you’re sure to get the most bang for your buck.

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