Meet Lexi our New Intern

by | May 31, 2017

Meet Lexi! The newest addition to Diers Exhibit Group. 

Hi there! I’m Lexi Macan and I am happy to be the newest member of the Diers team! Born and raised in Fort Collins by two parents who both graduated from Colorado State University, I grew up knowing I wanted to be a CSU ram. Ever since I was little, I attended CSU football, volleyball, and basketball games. I will be a junior in the fall, double concentrating in Organization and Innovation Management and Marketing.


Although I am not quite sure what I want my career to be, I have a few ideas. I am an entrepreneur at heart, so I do know that eventually I want to start my own business, just like Mr. Diers. This is why I chose to study both management and marketing in college. I know that business is applicable in any field, and will help me succeed in any career.

I am interested in graphic design, web design, and photography. I got my first taste of these elements starting my freshman year of high school where I became the Senior Representative and Graphic Design Leader for the Yearbook. In our web design class, graphic design was combined with programming, so I learned more about the technical side of design as well. When I was 14, my goal was to become a graphic designer so I obtained an internship with a graphic design company based in Loveland, Colorado. There, I grew my photoshop skills and learned more about the industry as a whole.

Some of my hobbies include snowmobiling, hiking, going to concerts, and making crafts I find on Pinterest. I absolutely LOVE dogs, and am a strong advocate for animal rescues. In fact, my family has three rescue dogs: Ralph (a Korean Jindo rescued from a dog meat factory in North Korea), Piper (who was found roaming around the streets of Missouri), and Nacho (a puppy of a stray chihuahua found in Texas). I believe we need to take care of the animals that are already in the world before we breed others.

Before meeting Jessica Diers and learning about her company, I was not aware of how interesting the trade show industry actually is. There is much more that goes on behind the scenes than what meets the eye at the show; hours of design and creativity all lead to the final product. No two trade show displays are alike. There are many options including tents, flags, podiums, towers, and my favorite, hanging banners. Each company brings a different character and vibe to their booth, and it is our job to make their vision a reality.

Not only am I interested in learning about the trade show industry as a whole, I am also looking forward to watching how Ms. Diers masters the art of owning her own business. Since I someday hope to start a business, I realize the necessity of learning from those who have already reached this goal.

There is so much to learn about this industry and I am excited for the opportunity to grow my social media marketing skills through this internship with Diers Exhibit Group!


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