Make an Impression with Lighting

by | Dec 10, 2012

Lighting is an important tool to use at your Tradeshow events. Here are some tips on different types of lighting.

You can use a spotlight for dramatic effect.

LED lights are great for an energy conscious booth.

Accent lighting will define your images and products.

You have an 8-second window to impress any Trade show attendee. It is
important to use lighting that helps with the representation your
company and design of your Tradeshow booth. Bring an emotional
component to your booth with the artful use of lighting. Here are some

A spotlight utilizes one beam of light targeted at a specific
flagship product on your booth or during a demonstration. This type of
lighting uses incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen spotlights.
Incandescent light is the most well-known form of lighting and is used
within a standard light bulb. Fluorescent is considered most energy
efficient and long-lasting. Finally, a par can creates a bright oval
pool of light. Par cans are used mostly at concerts along side a fog
machine to accentuate the beam of light. This would be a show stopping
form of lighting.

There is always Strobe lighting or Gobo lights. Gobo lights can
project an image of your companies logo or any kind of message onto the
wall or floor of your booth. They can also be programmed to shine
moving images or color on a display. This type of lighting is sure to
capture the eye of a tradeshow attendee and keep them captivated for the
full 8 seconds.

Finally, accent lighting is a great way to highlight your display.
Accent lighting can define and add texture to your products. If you
have a particular object you’d like to stand out, accent lighting is the
best choice. Lighting is an important addition to your Tradeshow
Display. They all have unique ways of making your display stand out and
capturing of eye of future cliental.

Written by Jeff Diers

Owner and Founder of Denver based Diers Exhibit Group

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