Come One, Come All and Enjoy Free Ground Shipping

by | Oct 6, 2015

I’m not sure if you have noticed, but we are not the only exhibit company out there trying to sell trade show displays online. We weren’t even the first company to start selling online, but we are officially in the mix. One of the smaller fish in an ocean full.

Jeff Diers, the owner of DiersEG, implemented a shopping cart on our website almost 5 years ago. He hoped to gain momentum with online shoppers and to build a website that was easy to navigate, along with a comfortable place to buy.


In the beginning, we were one of the few trade show exhibit companies to have a shopping cart, but now we are just one of many (just a little fishy).

We recently had a company-wide meeting to discuss how we could make our online store more attractive to potential clients. We discussed a handful of ideas. For example, we talked about changing our design, incorporating more content on our products, taking new product pictures, or offering a free gift. We came up with some extraordinary ideas, but one stuck out.

A person on our team suggested offering free ground shipping on select products.

At first, I wasn’t sold on the idea, because I thought it would be difficult to implement free shipping on only a couple of products. I was also partial to the idea of offering a free puppy with every order, but my idea was vetoed early on. Our team was too excited about offering the opportunity to have free ground shipping on our top-selling products, and to give our loyal customers a price break. This would make it even easier for clients to jump onto our website, order their regular feather flag, select ground shipping, and then be discounted at check-out. We all agreed this would help set us apart from the other exhibit companies selling online. I still think the puppy would have done an even better job, but I’m a team player.

Our entire team went in for a collective high-five, and then parted ways to get free ground shipping up and running.

The DiersEG 3 Step Process to Free Ground Shipping 

Step 1: Select popular products, and a couple of products that are just plain cool.

We sell a variety of products online, so we had to analyze our sales to find the top sellers. We added a handful of our most popular items, we also added a few more just for fun.

Some of our most popular products to purchase online include:

Outdoor Flags

EZ Tube Displays

Custom Table Throws

The just plain cool products we added are:

Hanging Banners 

Pop Up Display

RPL Displays

Step 2: Mark the products with the new free ground shipping image.

We sorted through the products we wanted to order and then stamped them all with the shipping images.

Anytime you see the red truck, it means you won’t have to pay anything for the ground shipment of your product.

Step 3: Implement free ground shipping per product. 

Our developers went into the backend of our website, did a little tech magic, and now when you finish shopping, the free ground shipping will be calculated automatically at checkout.

There is something wonderful about getting free things. We wanted to extend that wonderful feeling to our clients.

Thank you for shopping at Diers Exhibit Group. We know you have many options when it comes to trade show displays products, and we sincerely appreciate your decision to purchase through our online store.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Diers Exhibit Group designs and creates portable booths, pop-up displays, banner stands, and more. Diers Exhibit Group offers a wide range of trade show displays that can be purchased directly online. For more information contact us at 1-800-509-1831 or

We hope the free ground shipping will help you to feel even more at home when purchasing your next booth.

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