5 Reasons an RPL is the Display of Your Dreams

by | Jun 8, 2016

A while ago I was with a group setting up for a show. They had recently just purchased a 10ft RPL and were excited to see how it looked set up and in action. The booth consisted of other displays as well, but I was given the task of figuring out the RPL, as they installed the other items. At the time, I was brand new to Diers and wasn’t exactly sure how each display was installed. I picked up the case and carried it over to the designated area to get started.

As I unzipped the bag and pulled the frame out, I was quickly replaying some display videos in my head that I had watched earlier that week to see if there was any information I could glean that might help me now. How does the graphic attach? Can just one person set it up? What if it’s too heavy for me to lift? To my pleasant surprise, I found the display already had the graphic attached. That solved my biggest issue of making sure I didn’t accidentally put the graphic upside down or insecurely fasten it on.

A wave of relief swept over me as I spread the frame apart from end to end. The cross frame made it easily contract and expand, reminding me of a plastic toy sphere I used to play with.  When pulled apart it expanded to almost 3 times its size (Google tells me it is called the Doberman sphere.) Once the frame was fully apart, I began to snap the legs together, giving it tension as I went along. The fabric end caps fell lazily over the edge after I had fastened the frame together completely. Each end cap had a velcro back and was easily stretched to meet the velcro attachment on each side, finishing the display and completing the clean-edge look.

Now, all that was left to do was stand the display upright. By grabbing the middle cross-sections, I was easily able to pull it up by myself. Dang! Even as a newbie to the trade show industry, I was still able to fully set up the display by myself in just under 8 minutes. Not bad!

As you can see, the RPL Fabric Pop Up Display series is one of the easiest displays available on the market. However, the ease of set up and tear down isn’t the only thing that makes this one of our most popular displays.

5 Reasons an RPL is the Display of Your Dreams

  1. Incredible Print & Fabric Quality – the quality used on these displays is amazing. Through a dye-sublimation process, graphics are printed directly onto white fabric. This means there is no worry of cracks like on some heating process printing options. This also means the graphics will be the most vibrant hues available. We can even Pantone color match for exact results!
  2. Extreme Range of Sizes – at Diers Exhibit Group, we offer RPLs in sizes from 5ft all the way up to 30ft!! Not only do we offer single-sided displays, but we also have double-sided options for maximum viewing. We have a single-sided curved option available as well in the 8ft and 10ft sizes.
  3. Commands the Space – Because of the sheer size of these displays, combined with the stunning graphics of your brand or image, the RPL Fabric Pop Up Displays easily command presence and cannot be ignored. Use them as a room divider, back wall, tabletop display, and many other options.
  4. Fast Setup/Teardown – Depending on the size RPL you get, two people may be required to set up and teardown. However, sizes 5ft, 7.5ft x 5ft, 8ft, and 10ft can all be installed easily by one person. This means your team can be helping in other areas of the setup and not all bogged down trying to install one display at a time. Another great thing about this display is that if you only have a small timeframe, you’re still good to go from start to finish with this, leaving extra time for the pool, relaxing, or viewing the other (not as cool or efficient) booths around you.
  5. Easily Wash and Replace Graphics – Maybe one of the best things about this display is that your graphic stays attached at all times so there is no added worry of wrong installation or extra setup time. Yet, even though the graphic stays attached, it is secured with a strong velcro that makes it available to be removed and washed if needed! You can also buy a replacement graphic without needing an entirely new frame and kit as well. A definite bang for your buck.

If you haven’t been convinced yet about the amazing qualities of an RPL Fabric Display, then you must really enjoy heavy equipment, laborious setup instructions, and choosing from a limited size range. We know that certain displays aren’t for everyone, but we also know that you can deny the portability and value of this impressive display for long.

Contact us to get started and choose the right RPL for you. You and your wallet won’t regret it!

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