Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable banner stands are ideal for trade show display booths and exhibits of every size. Each retractable banner stand is made with a vinyl banner preinstalled. This means that when your banner stand arrives, there is no additional set up required before use. Just pull the banner up and you’re good to go! Their portability and easy set up make them a great addition to your display while not taking up much room in travel and while being displayed.

At Diers Exhibit Group, we offer a range of banner stand heights, widths and bases. Our Giant Mosquito banner stand is extra tall and allows for maximum visibility in large spaces. Our Mosquito 1200 is a wider version of our standard banner stands which is ideal for wide spaces. Utilize any of our retractable banner stands in a variety of ways. Use them to display company information in your booth, or to direct visitors in an entrance way. Our mini banner stands are great as personal calendars.

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