Trade Show Exhibiting Can Be Enjoyable

by | Jul 7, 2014

On May 22, 2014 I was lucky enough to attend and exhibit at the Colorado Cannabis Summit hosted by the Exdo Event Center
in Denver. This was one of the few times that Diers Exhibit Group has
actually exhibited at an event. That might seem strange because we sell
trade show exhibits, but it is a rare occurrence for us. I was lucky
enough to be lead on the event, and attend.

With the help of my team we set up our large flower booth. Art courtesy of Eye Candy Graphics

I walked around the event and networked with attendees, along with exhibitors. I was lucky enough to meet a future client: BioTrackTHC. I
approached their booth hoping to simply connect. My initial contact
was Gregory, who was manning his booth at the Summit. Gregory and I
discussed the excitement around the event, and we discussed why it was
important for each of our companies to attend. For Diers, we wanted to
bring our trade show exhibit expertise to the table and offer our
support to new companies in the Cannabis industry. For BioTrackTHC it
was different. They were able to bring professional expertise into the
cannabis industry to help jump start hundreds of new companies. We
continued to chat, and then it just so happened that BioTrack was in
need of a 10×10 event tent. I was able to discuss our turn around time,
and give them a rough estimate on the product.

This B2B summit was eye opening for me. I anticipated that exhibiting
would be an acquired taste, but I quickly realized I enjoyed it. It was
fun to attend a Business-to-Business Summit, because I was able to
connect with other business leaders in various industries. I learned
about different companies: their story, goals, mission, future plans,
and the list goes on. Business owners, specifically entrepreneurs are
addicting to be around. They carry passion everywhere, and each person I
came in contact with helped build my confidence and passion for Diers
Exhibit Group. It is fun, but it is also necessary to connect and
network at trade show events. I know sometimes it can be difficult,
because trade shows can be exhausting and not to mention hard on the
feet. In my experience I have found that the longterm value of trade shows outweigh the momentary discomfort.

I acquired a couple clients, BioTrack being one of them, and I was
able to build my business skills through communication and networking.
If you have the chance I recommend attending a B2B event, or better yet
exhibit at one. This gives you the opportunity to be around other
business professionals, while advertising your company.

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