Outdoor Products For Summer Trade Shows

by | Jul 1, 2014

It’s nearly July and that means summer is in full swing. In the
summertime, there are a variety of outdoor events, trade shows, and
company gatherings. Colorado is known for its great summer weather and
year-round sunshine. If you’re in the trade show industry and plan to
attend an outdoor event then Diers Exhibit Group is here to help. Diers offers custom event tents, outdoor banner stands, and outdoor flags that are all fully customizable.

Our Outdoor event tents
are good for a variety of events like carnivals, fairs, or concerts.
We have an event tent for any scenario. If you need something simple to
advertise your company logo and provide a sanctuary from the summer
heat I recommend the standard 10’ event tent. We also have our huge
10×20 foot deluxe tents and, the slightly smaller 10×15 deluxe tents. In
addition to pleasing aesthetics, our event tents are durable,
lightweight, and UV resistant. Graphics won’t fade or wear due to sun
exposure, and there is little to no hassle when it comes to assembly and
takedown. If you are looking for something unique we also offer our
10’ archway tents. The archway tent offers the same great
characteristics as standard event tents.

Another way to garner the attention of event bystanders is with banner stands. Diers Exhibit Group carries The Silverstep 36″ Full Banner Stand Display
(available in a few different sizes). Our SilverStep retractable banner
stands are durable and uniquely designed, and they won’t break the
bank. The base of the banner stand is constructed from aluminum and you
can retract the banner into the stand itself. They weigh only 25-30
pounds and are easy to transport or check on a flight.

In addition to banners stands, we have several different outdoor flags.
There are styling options to suit your companies needs. We offer the
following flag designs: teardrop, feather, razor, and sabre. If you are
looking for something a bit larger we carry the Mondo Outdoor Flag
Pole. The Mondo is available in a 23ft tall option and a slightly
smaller 17ft tall option. The Mondo Outdoor Flagpole will be visible
from anywhere in the event area. All of our outdoor flags are available
with single-sided graphics, or double-sided graphics. They are durable,
lightweight, and easy to maintain.

Stay shaded from the sun with a sweet event tent, draw in the
attention of bystanders with our eye-catching banner stands, and let
your company logo flap durably in the wind with an outdoor flag. We have
everything you need for your next summer trade show. This summer: do it
right with Denver-based Diers Exhibit Group.

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