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by | Sep 18, 2014

Family-Run Trade Show Display Company in Denver, Colorado

Diers Exhibit Group is a small, Denver based, and family run trade show display company. My dad, Jeff Diers, started Diers about 18 years ago.

This is my dad in the infant years of Diers. He used to wear ties and even tuck pens into his shirt pocket. You can’t tell in the picture, but Jeff is wearing a denim shirt with a multi-colored tie. That is so my dad. He is all about the “abstract look” even when it comes to his attire. I also really like his glasses, but they have downsized significantly over the years. 

Jeff Diers operates his family-run trade show display company in Denver, Colorado.

Jeff is actually sitting in his first office, and his arm is resting on his first desk. The desk looks empty, and it is. He started out with a phone, a pad of paper, and an empty filing cabinet.  

Fast forward 18 years, and Jeff’s desk is typically cluttered with paperwork. He has a few different computers at his desk, and his filing cabinets are full. Things have changed over the years. He even decided to give me a shot at running the company, and hired my brother to work part time in our graphics department. Diers Exhibit Group is officially a family business, and we are changing constantly, yet still thriving.  

After several discussions, some trial and error, and a little pushback. My dad agreed to go through a rebrand. 

My brother, Jeff, and myself designed the new logo and the new website for Diers. We launched our 
new website a couple months ago, and we’ve gotten great feedback. Our new logo has also been well received. 

Why did we change our logo? 

Let me try and explain our thought process. We wanted to update our old logo and create something different. We were drawn to 3D designs that would come alive on the screen. We also wanted something that was true to the nature of the trade show industry. In the display world, we work with a variety of aluminum extrusions that give us the freedom to design unique display configurations. The sky is the limit for our designers. Each time I look at our logo I see a it from a different angle. We wanted complexity and simplicity to meet. Trade show displays can be complex, and they can be simple. 

Our hope is that you would look at our new logo and see limitless possibilities.

Diers Logo

Why did we update our website? 

We wanted to make online purchasing easier. Thanks to 
BigCommerce Marketing 360 we were able to redesign our site with our customers in mind. The redesign was focused on how we could better serve our new/existing customers, and how we could make our site easier to navigate.  

Purchasing trade show displays can be a complex experience, but it is our job to make it as simple for you as possible. Our goal as a team is to take on the grunt work for you, and make the process easier on you. 

With that said, I would like to invite you to join the Diers family. 

Let us help you with any and all of your trade show related endeavors. Even if you don’t purchase a display from us. We are happy to answer your questions, and help you problem solve with existing trade show products. 

So, join the family. Give us a call or 
shop online, and thanks for stopping by!

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